Monday, December 12, 2016

Boohoo it's snowing

Mother fuckers lose their mind when it snows or rains. Guess what you twat burgers this is New England and seasons fucking change. We get snow and you should know how to drive in it by now.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Sometimes you just fall asleep 2 hours before you plan on it.
2. Honestly, who brings nips into a wedding, Chrissy?
3. You know you had a good time when you Uber from a wedding.
4. So far Christmas shopping on Saturday is A solo mission.
5. Congrats to Nicole and Sean on their wedding, have fun on the honeymoon.
6. How do you just get plantar fascitis?
7. I did bang out some shopping already and it looks like bottles of booze for some of you guys.
8. Do they actually make ugly sweaters anymore? Like ones that aren't supposed to be ugly.
9. Pretty sure Chrissy doesn't own a suit at this point because he is stubborn. If you die anytime soon he will probably wear what he wore to your wedding.
10. I think if they didn't spin off so many versions of CSI the original would still be on.
11. I heard that Yesterday's is for sale in Quincy, if you are looking for a new venture.
12. Pretty sure Chrissy is on vacation for the rest of year starting Thursday. Get your time in before 2017 kicks off.
13. Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon original programs who needs cable?
14. Since Kung Fu Dave bought his condo I haven't heard from him, have you guys?
15. Another year and more Sox Pax. Thanks Boston Red Sox.
16. Its pretty amazing how a haircut can make your day.


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