Monday, August 12, 2013

Back and alive

We all made it back alive from Atlantic City.  Phelps' bachelor party was a sweeping success.  I know I am getting older but its good to let loose for a whole weekend once a year. Who is next up to get hitched? I think it is Mark Welch. I hope everyone is saving up for that bachelor party....VEGAS CITY!

This is what I learned from dirty Jersey!

1. Pedi cab races are legit, dangerous and fun.
2. I wish I knew someone who liked Nerds:

3. The Rain Forest cafe is no place for 10 guys to grab dinner. SAFARI of ZERO!
4. Winners win:

5. Its amazing people don't know what a suicide pool is.
6. Brightys sister in law hit a million on the new $10 tickets.
7. I have no idea if anyone else had a good time at the Bikini Beach bar but Drake sure did:

8. Anyone looking for Pats tickets? Mark Coffey has 3 games available - Browns, Bills and Miami.
9. People still pregaming in their hotel rooms?
10. You got me Spirit airlines - backpacks are free yet you let me pay $45!! Shame on you.
11. Only in America. Im sure Chrissy would throw her a finner:

12. Jimmy Buffet must have nothing but dough. He bought a casino, added a Margaritaville then a LandShark bar and grill on the beach (the food wasn't bad either). MUST BE NICE!
13. Eating only one time during the day is no bueno.
14. Tangers outlets are fucking everywhere.
15. You didn't hear this from me but Calnan did a Jersey shore confessional. There may even be a copy of it floating around.
16. AC wasn't as scummy as I thought it was going to be. The Revel Casino was the fanciest spot I went into.
17. Massachusetts needs to get on board with Happy hour.
18. Buying beers and bringing them into a strip club in a brown paper bag is just weird.
19. Getting a sunburn on a vacation is part of the vacation, right?
20. Lets see 8 1/2 hours driving or 50 minutes flying - what would you choose?

A whole weekend of drunk so I am sure I forgot a ton more things. Thats why we have a comments section.