Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer will be here Friday

This is going to be a bad bad week for me and my liver. Bruins game tonight, Both games of the Sox double header tomorrow, Bruins game on Wednesday, The Chipman family pig roast and watching the Bruins game Saturday.  I may need to detox on Sunday.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If white chicks are gonna put their cleavage out there and its SUPER GHOST WHITE then that is called Game of Throne titties.
2. Joe Martell loves the new chicken sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts.
3. Chrissy has started getting some much needed OT down at Coke.
4. Foxwoods is offering me 2 free tickets to the Counting Crows and the Wall Flowers. You guys know the Crows are my shit.
5. The new Superman movie is fucking awesome.
6. It is embarrassing that I can not give away a $100 ticket to go to the Sox game tomorrow night.
7. Building a trellis for cucumbers is not all that difficult.
8. Never ever ever get on a roof when its above 60 degrees. I burned the palm of both my hands!
9. US Flags are more expensive than I thought.
10. There is no easy/fast way to stop a dogs tongue from bleeding.
11. Mario has a friend who is giving up a husky, if anyone is interested.
12. Why is it so god damn hard to find a packie that sells Miller High Life Light?
13. Just a reminder I am having a cookout July 6th.
14. Back Seat Lover has broken up. While devastating news, I guess some members are uniting with some members of Itchy Fish and they are putting a new band together.
15. How come you fools didn't tell me about ?
16. What does one buy a 2 year old boy for his birthday? Any help would be appreciated.
17. I can't believe CBS already wants their money for fantasy football for next season. ITS GOD DAMN JUNE. (don't worry though I re-signed)
18. How soon till the "Yipee Paille Mother Fucker" shirts are being printed
19. Are Tank tops in or out this year?
20. Word With Friends has sucked since its last few upgrades. It freezes and takes forever to play one game. I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW WWF!

Lets hope the Bruins can win the cup again.


Julie said...

I hope #14 happens at some point in August when I'm home. That would be fun to see & bring back memories of 1999. Itchy Fish 4EVA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout!