Monday, July 23, 2012

It Monday

Look at this, I plan to have this blog updated before noon today. Thats a first for the summer.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Sears outlet in Fall River, not only is so far away but man it sucks!
2. For as long as it took National Grid to come out to my house -  it took them an hour and 20 minutes to bang out gas to my house.
3. Not Your Average Joes still has not returned the meatloaf to the menu. I am none too happy about this.
4. Bain steals the new Batman movie.
5. I think Jeffrey is on the lam; I have not heard from or seen him in some time.
6. Shaun Larry had a blow out bash on Saturday night but I didn't get an invite. Did you?
7. I watched a martahon of Million Dollar listings and man I am addicted.
8. Fiber glass splinters hurt like a mother fucker.
9. Mike Pres has retired from Blogging.
10. S6, in Quincy, has $1.00 pizzas from 4-7pm every night. And right up Chrissys alley they have a pizza and a pitcher for $10.00 during non $1.00 hours.
11. Congrats to William J Smiddy. He will be moving to Vegas to work at the Tropicanna.
12. Trying to get 10-12 guys together for a fantasy draft is never easy.
13. Muffins never fill anyone up. They are kind of a waste.
14. Rio got a new HTC Rezound phone with the Dr Dre beats audio head phones. The kid has the life.
15. People are trying to jump on and off this Red Sox band wagon quicker than the nation can sing Tessie. Mikey T got his head on a swivel.
16. Most microwaves use more energy powering their digital clocks than heating food.
17. I think ordering a veggie burger with bacon would totally fuck with everyone working at a restaraunt.
18. According to Chrissy, THE WWE expert, Degeneration X is getting back together for RAW's 1000th episode.
19. Those Radio Flyer wagons are made to be pimped out.
20. Just looking to fill out all the paper work but the Whitley's will be a 2 car family in the near future. Katies dad donated his 2002 Dodge Dakota to us.

Don't forget Back Seat Lover and Big Bang Baby at the Hardrock this Saturday night.